I came to this conclusion

I came to the conclusion recently that I strongly abhor Israelis. I realized that, except for that small portion of Israelis who actively lobby against Israeli occupation of Palestine and others who refuse to be conscripted when the time comes after they complete High School, I will not even enter into conversation with an Israeli when I see them.

It was never like this before for me. I had always taken the stance that I would deal with them as human beings, possibly in a slightly cold manner, but I might actually engage in conversation… out of politeness if nothing else.

Then something strange happened a couple of days ago.

I was watching the news and the channel I was viewing had a short piece of footage which involved the usual scene of a Palestinian child lobbing a stone at an Israeli armored Jeep. In retaliation, an Israeli soldier comes out from behind the Jeep and fires a couple of rifle rounds in the general vicinity of the child. I don’t know if the man was a bad shot, or whether he missed on purpose, but the boy was not hit. Keep in mind that this was live fire, a few seconds before this boy threw his rock, a man was shot and killed.

I had seen this exact scene hundreds of times before on many different news channels from different parts of the world. But this time, my grandmother (who was sitting next to me at the time) spoke up and said: Look at what he did! How could he do that? He [the boy] just threw a rock at him and he fires a bullet back at him! These Israelis! (This last statement was said in a very sarcastic and cynical tone of voice.)

I realized that I am disgusted, as a human being (though I cannot deny the subjectivity of my conclusions as an Muslim, Arab Egyptian), by the things those Israeli army soldiers do.

I will not accept the weird excuses they offer to explain their actions (not that they feel they have to, apparently. They seem to think that it’s only natural for them to fire live rounds at people throwing rocks at their M-16 toting, steel and kevlar protected soldiers). I don’t care if the United Nations divided Palestine into territories for the jewish inhabitants and others for the Arabs. I don’t care if U.N. resolutions makes it alright or legal. I thus don’t care that the Israelis are still in breach of these resolutions.

Although I have never advocated this before, I hope by everything holy that Hamas keeps bombing the hell out of Israeli civilians until they figure out that they are an occupying force who do not have the right to take one millimeter into land which is not their own.

You know what? I don’t care about how violent people think this is as well. I hate the fact that I try to be understanding towards Americans, Israelies and all those foreigners and Westerners who think that Arabs are uncivilized and Muslims are terrorists. FINE! Let them think that. I personally don’t believe in killing them for that, but I definitely believe that I will be less understanding and more critical of their culture and civilization.

Apparently the U.N. has a Dialogue of Civilizations committee or Special Body set-up. To hell with that. They won’t get any dialogue from me.

Damn bigots.


One thought on “I came to this conclusion

  1. actually, the vast majority of people in the world, including the non-israeli jews, do not actually believe that the israeli army kills children and unarmed civilians. they don’t get that footage around here. when i first realized that i was apparently the only person who knew of this, i was speechless. but it’s true. they really think that the israeli military just barges into the homes of terrorist threats and takes them or kills them and that no one else is harmed. and even if people get harmed, it is strongly believed that palestinians send their children into battle to blow themselves up, so they do not value their lives.

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