Corruption, Organizations and People

When I started this Blog in May 2004, it was a personal Blog. I discontinued the project after realizing that I did not have the time (then) to update it often as well as not being able to put my thoughts into words short of writing a 10,000 word post.

I then switched this to what I would call a Socio-Political Blog. Socio-Economic and Political or just a Blog about things in Politics and Society and all matters (that I can think of) affected or related to these things.

This post supposedly follows that trend though I fear that I might have increased the dosage of the personal (and I don’t mean my personal opinion because that’s what I have been sharing – rather, events of a personal nature that would not be posted on this Blog were I more stringent in my standards).

Either way, its time for the Model United Nations at the AUC (American University in Cairo) where I used to study as a student. I have been a member of the organization this year as part of MUNAP (Model United Nations Awareness Program). I’ve joined councils before as a delegate and as a President of one of the councils. Let’s put this aside for a second.

I have grown, over the years, to absolutely positively hate what MUN stands for. You see, when a pretenious idiot decides that, along with a large group of other pretentious idiots, that they know what’s best in the world… I start feeling nauseated.

It’s not even that, because now most secretariat (the group of pretentious idiots) and the Secretary General (THE pretentious idiot) have become a lot more “cooler” and less “book-wormish”.

But hey, this isn’t even my main objection to the existence of this organization.. I have many others;

1. They choose to blacklist anyone that makes them look bad (read: corrected them on informational mistake they made).
2. They already know who they’re going to choose yet still continue the farce of having interviews and so on and so forth.
3. The Sec Gen generally decides to interfere in the individual council’s work.
4. The Council’s Director (the Top Honcho when it comes to information and matters of substance) sometimes just writes the resolution him/her self in order to “Look Good”.
5. They deify people regularly. I’m surprised some of the secretariat and former Secretary Generals have not been cannonized as Saints yet. Let me see, St. Menza of the Lamp. St. Gabr. St. Yasmine. Yes indeed, has a nice ring to it***.
6. The secretariat always maintain a facade of “We love you all and care for you”. Sadly, you can only be loved in their way.

There are other reasons, but most are too minute to mention here.

(Contd. the next day)

It’s amazing how MUN manages to transform people… having friends inform you that you weren’t chosen as a delegate because their team mates didn’t agree and how they couldn’t argue with them while in fact those same “friends” didn’t have the guts to tell you that they didn’t think you were good enough or that you didn’t have what they were looking for.

This happened to two friends of mine so many times, it was pathetic.

Thing is, this is an exact reflection (in much simpler terms of course) of one of the many traits of the Egyptian bureaucracy… two-timing and general deceit behind people’s backs while continuously praising them.

This is one of those things that I just cannot stand, in a friend, an acquaintance… in anyone and least of all in organizations that claim to be doing a service to others; MUN, MAL (Model Arab League) and the Egyptian Bureaucracy.

I could write more, but… I’m just too annoyed about it.


*** Strangely enough, the names of the three people I chose to include when talking about deification were the names of three people that I actually like and respect very much. It has to be made clear the I am not talking about some Simulation Mafia here, rather, Im just talking about a lot of corruption. I would say wholesale corruption, but that would be an exaggeration.


One thought on “Corruption, Organizations and People

  1. Faysal, what can say except that finally you put in words what so many tried to express but neither were backed up or simply did not entirely absorb the issue that they thought it is ‘there problem’ not the ‘others’ problem. Well, I have to say MUN was definitely an ever revealing experience for me. As a former delegate in more than 6 MUN and NMAL, I have been offered the tribute to become president in one or more councils, however, I knew at a certain point that this means that I would go by the ‘MUN gang’s Rules’; but I chose to keep it my way and maintain the good terms with the MUN community, because after all they are amazing people with outstanding potential. Well, I want to get back to the corruption issue. I believe with regard to this particular context, corruption is completely unjustifiable. Let’s face it, corruption sometimes seems to be the only available tool for survival (Viva Egyto!), but in this context particularly, corruption is definitely unjustifiable because it emerges from the behavior and approach of many distinguished minds and intellects who are supposedly open and liberal to encompass the diversity that the AUC community offers (am a little exaggerating here!).
    It’s even more disgusting and unnerving because as a development practitioner, this is exactly what I go through on ‘daily basis’. Most of the donor institutions all they care about is the image and the media coverage that reflect the ‘greatness and success stories’ their funds achieved, whereas in reality, the impact is far less impressive. Human beings, like you, me and the MUN gang, we are all driven by the images and the publicity that surrounds us, the question remains, how far will you go with it!

    Nermine Wally

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