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Hmm. Lets see, I really think that you have made some MAJOR leaps in logic. Out of insane curiousity, I am wondering how it is you are so sure that the Israeli girl was being fake? I mean for all you know the girl was just trying to get along. And what’s more she had one Egyptian girl and two Jordanians with her in the same room!! Come on, she had to, at the very least, feel extremely awkward. You can’t really blame her for trying to get along. Not to mention that that was the whole idea of the project, she must have been terrified.

Now lets get to the guy who “respected” your hatred. For all you know he could have been checking out your ass, or thinking the he can score one for Israeli males.

Sorry if I am slamming your blog. It ain’t personal.


One thought on “(No Title)

  1. Maybe ur right…maybe he was checkin out my ass…maybe YOU check out my ass too. How would I know? …We could look at a horizontal surface forever and discuss whether it is a floor or a ceiling. But I have reason to believe what I believe.
    Its true, I never really considered the fact that she might be terrified. And it could be that I was annoyed by her friendliness because I hated Israelis. You could be right.
    I’m just describing how it all went and how I viewed it and felt about it. How can I not be subjective about it? After all, I’m talking about my hatred.
    It just seems that you consider subjective observations “MAJOR leaps in logic”. I wasn’t trying to be intellectual about the issue, but that doesn’t mean I find it ok to be illogical. So please, everybody, go ahead and show me where I made a mistake. I’d gladly change my mind. But you didn’t really point out any leaps in logic.
    Of course the girl felt awkward. I did too. But I approached the issue in a very receptive way. I didn’t know how to deal with the situation, so I checked everything out first, like I generally do, tested the water, and I made sure that I was even open for friendship – I didn’t dismiss the possibility from the start, for I found it an interesting experiment. But I noticed the competition and the anti-Arab-campaigning and the subtle sarcasm…But you weren’t there and you wouldn’t know, and the only way you could believe me is by trusting my judgment.
    On another note: how would the guy be intending to score one for Israeli males by not communicating with me? lol. Can you tell me the secret? or do I detect a major leap in logic?

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