On a happier note?

If anyone has been following, I had previously published a post on the Model United Nations at the University where I used to study. Something happened today that made me think: well hey, maybe there is a light at the end of the long, dark tunnel!

A good friend of mine was chosen to be Secretary-General of the conference; the big honcho of all honchos. Knowing that the person running against her, technically speaking, really had no chance to make it as Secretary-General (Sec Gen), I really shouldn’t have been this happy. Not happy in the sense that I should have known that she was going to win, and would have been preparing my congratulations.

Not so. Usually, the person I root for ends up not getting it. I am not sure if this is because I support them (morally, since there is really nothing else I did or could have done for that matter) or because I generally choose the person who is less qualified or my understanding of the criteria upon which the choice is made is highly skewed.

Either way, Nouran became Sec Gen, and I believe a new dawn will light up the land of MUN. I percieve her as someone who might bring change in the way she deals with her secretariat and organizing committee (OC) members and heads. Postive change. Positive here meaning: no pretentiousness and sticking to the old ways just because they are the old ways. Positive also meaning that she might listen to her secretariats’ needs and not feel the urge to blindly enforce her views. She, thankfully, hasn’t been tainted by excessive exposure to those MUN-ers that I consider tainted.

Sadly, the battle is not over. After choosing the Sec Gen, there comes the choosing of the Graduate Advisor (affectionately called the Grad Ad) and the OC Head. As for OC head, I have no major problem with the two applicants I am sure (personally, and not officially) will apply. But there is a problem with the Grad Ad part of the matter. Another friend is applying for that position. Regretfully, the person running against her is a pretentious little fool who gets off on showing people that he knows it all and who always makes stupid stupid jokes. Worse than mine. Believe me when I tell you that if you’re jokes are worse than mine, then you’re in trouble.

I say sadly because my friend has fewer MUN experiences than pretentious little fool. I want her to get it, but tradtional MUN thinking would have it that experiences are strongly valued (which isn’t a bad thing in and of itself). It also means that the personality aspect is not stressed as strongly. Nor is the ability to use your head instead of your ass to think (which is what I think he does).

I’m crossing my fingers and hoping that Nouran makes the right choice. The situation looks grim. I was day-dreaming about actually going up to the faculty advisor (who gets a say in these matters and is the de facto last word on the issue – so it’s more than a say really) and informing her that pretentious little fool shouldn’t be chosen. It went along these lines:

*I Enter the Faculty Advisor’s office after knocking*

Me: Good Morning Doctor.
Faculty Advisor: Good Morning.
Me: Doctor, I’ve been wanting to talk to you about something.
Faculty Advisor: Go on.
Me: I don’t think you should choose pretentious little fool as Grad Ad. In fact, I think you should stand whole-heartedly against it. (I actually say pretentious little fool and she manages to understand who I’m talking about, since its my Day-Dream).
Faculty Advisor: And why is that?
Me: Well, I’m sure you noticed that he’s a pretentious little fool.
Faculty Advisor: Yes, as a matter of fact, I did.
Me: Then you should veto him being chosen. Better yet, he should not be allowed to run for this position.
Faculty Advisor: I think I’ll take your word for it. *Erases his name with a pen from a paper conveniently placed in front of her* It’s done. You don’t have to worry about it.
Me: Thanks Doc!
Faculty Advisor: That’s alright, what you said makes complete and utter sense (Hurray for her understanding!)

Yeah, I know I have serious psychological issues but…

That’s just the way I see it.


4 thoughts on “On a happier note?

  1. Hrrmm…

    First of all, the faculty advisor is one of the main problems. She’s not going to solve any.

    Second, the problem isnt that they do things the way that they used to just because that’s the way they used to. The problem is that they DONT do things the way that they used to. More importantly, the things that they still do, they’ve forgotten why they’re done. If you’re really really interested i can talk about some of those things.

    I suppose we’ll find out how much hope there is for the institution in a few hours.

    Haha. as i type, your candidate’s interview, in typical cimun unprofessional style got postponed for a few hours because the faculy advisor has “something to do.” So make those several hours, not a few.

  2. As was obvious, the faculty advisor in my imaginary dialogue was there to complete the drama. It is true that she isn’t gonna fix anything, but that’s a totally different story.

    If the students wanted to change, or change enough… they could have.

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