A Spin on the Strange Turn of Events

In an egomaniacal attempt to hold onto my position of ‘Devil’s Advocate’ in all things posted on this blog, I will try and put a spin on Faisal’s blog on Ibrahim Nafea.

Consider this: We live in a country where the bureaucracy is the be all and end all of…well, all, people tend to forget one very simple variable that cannot be ignored: human nature. Allow me to explain.

A wise man once said: “Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” It is a natural progression (please permit me this generalization, and a few more to come) of events for a person who had nothing to thank his lucky stars when he/she gets a break. In most cases, he/she will take full advantage they will now find themselves in.

Now you will be thinking “That’s not an excuse!!” And you’re right, it isn’t…I’ll get back to this later on. Let’s examine another side of the equation. The system, as it exists (as it existed?!?!) does nothing to combat this kind of corruption. Worse, it does a great deal to encourage it. The ruling clique is very likely to be highly suspicious of someone who doesn’t ‘join the club’ so to speak; that might indicate that the person in question has… morals (aaaarrrrrgghhhh!!). A big no-no if you happen to hold some position in the government. See, it’s all well and good if the person just simply doesn’t want to take anything, more for me (this ‘them’ thinking); but what happens if, heaven forbid, that moral person suddenly decided that everyone else should be moral too?

And so, if you follow this line of argument, the only people who are capable to fighting the corrupt-powerful are those that are as, or more powerful, than them.

Now let’s get to the crux of the matter: For those that comment on the corrupt or lament the powerful for their moral ambiguity, would you be any better if placed in the same position, provided with the same opportunities and placed under the same pressures?

Think about it for a while; we’ll discuss this again soon.


One thought on “A Spin on the Strange Turn of Events

  1. Oh come on Jimmy. I’m not going to be drawn into the useless argument of guessing whether I would have done it better were I in power. I could easily counter that by saying: does that mean I should not say anything about it? Or, were I in a position of power, would I not try to apprehend those people responsible or bring them to justice?

    In fact, I don’t know what I would have done were I in that position. But, since I am not, I have the advantage of being able to criticize. With all due respect to all Christians, Jesus Christ’s famous quote: “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone” does not apply here.

    In fact, if no one does anything when faced with such a situation, even post it in their blog like I have been doing, civilization would collapse. Hell, it wouldn’t have risen. We would automatically disregard all laws… we wouldn’t even have laws and would have remained as mindless barbarians. It is my belief that the quest for order in society is, amongst many other things – but as important if not more so, is what helped create civilizations.

    Hammurabi’s famous Clay Tablets are my case in point.

    Your point is well made, but (for the sake of practicality), I will choose to continue criticizing and commenting based on the fact that I have not committed acts of corruption (not of that magnitude and definitely not intentionally) and others have.

    That’s about it.

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