The Egyptian Judiciary and Ayman Nour

This just in, breaking news from Al-Jazeera News Channel (tv). Judge Makki has been acquitted of all charges and Judge Bastawisi has been held responsible by the Judicial "Disciplinary Council".No news about if any sentence or decision concerning Judge Bastawisi has been passed by the "Disciplinary Council", as of yet. Judge Bastawisi's trial has been postponed (possibly because he is now in Intensive Care as he suffered a massive heart attack Wednesday Morning and was obviously not present at the hearing).

According to Al-Masry El-Yoam newspaper and other news sources (before the events of today), the hearing was supposed to be delayed since Judge Bastawisi was not going to be present. They also said that Judge Makki was not going to attend the hearing today. It is unconfirmed at the moment whether Judge Makki attended the hearing today.

Note: All names placed within quotation marks " " are either unconfirmed English translations or Arabic titles/names for which a translation is not available. Also, unless mentioned otherwise, news source here is Al Jazeera TV News Channel.

Update: This just in. The Court of Cassation, Egypt's highest criminal court, has just confirmed the ruling finding Ayman Nour guilty and his sentence of Five years in jail for the charge of falsifying documents used to establish a political party (by rejecting his appeal).

Update #2: Four Hundred members of Kifaya and Muslim brotherhood arrested today including top Muslim Brotherhood figure Essam El Erian and Mohammed Morsi.

Update #3: According to a Daily Star reporter the "Disciplinary Council" has issued a 'final warning' to Judge Bastawisi; one more infraction and action will be taken. It appears that he has been found innocent as well and was severely reprimanded by the court. (The information was obtained directly from the reporter. The story is definitely not on the website or even in print when this update was posted).

Update #4: Judge Makki, on a televised phone interview, says that Judge Bastawisi has the right to continue the fight and that he will be part of his defense team. He also said that there are three cases in front of different courts and appellates contesting different decisions that led to their trial in front of the "Disciplinary council" and including the Justice Minister's decision to form this "Disciplinary Council" in the first place. From his choice of words, I couldn't verify whether Judge Bastawisi's case has been postponed or whether he was declared innocent with a warning (as I've been hearing and reading both).

He did say that the Council condemned Judge Bastwisi's actions "…Idanat Hisham Al Bastawisi"

Note: Please excuse the different facts being reported; as I get the information from different sources, the exact nature changes depending on whether I hear it from reporters, judges, professors or people who were there at the demonstrations.



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