Muslim Brotherhood backs out of coalition

First, let me start by linking to Sandmonkey, who actually went to the demonstrations today and has a post with quotes taken from various conversations and statements during the demonstration.

Now for what I want to say.

Apparently the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), and all the people the organization mobilizes, were a no-show in today's Protests. Ahmed Sharkawy wrote about this on the Kifaya website (link in Arabic).

This only reinforces rumours that there has been some sort of deal struck between the MB and the government that ensures MB compliance to government orders in exchange for… something. What's funny is that I had personally read a news piece where the Brotherhood's Supreme Guide had specifically said that the Brotherhood is 100% behind the judges. Guess 100% is a very relative issue to the brotherhood.

According to eyewitnesses, the elections only had about 150-300 protestors. That's not that large a number considering the events of the past few weeks. It reinforces the fact that the MB brought a considerable number of people to bear during these protests, but more than that, perhaps it signals the beginning of another period of demonstrating lethargy, such as the period between the parliamentary elections and the Judicial Affair.

What also caught my attention was the lack of media coverage from channels that frequently cover demonstrations in Egypt; namely Al Arabiya and Al Jazeera News Channels. Could it be that they are in league with the government as well? In the beginning, I would not have supported this claim, but after waiting for hours, switching between both channels, without nothing but a small, insignificant scrolling item showing on the screen once every five minutes.

Several news items were covered live, with and without reports. I even saw a couple of them repeated… more than once! Still, nothing about the Egyptian Judiciary. I felt betrayed. Apparently neither Al Jazeera nor Al Arabiya are beyond "looking the other way" for some reason or another. Were they threatened? Coerced? I wish they'd give some reason. Or was it because not having MB personnel and supporters made the protest un-news worthy? Again, I don't know.

For the moment, I do not have much more to say.

Since, due to my personal stupidity or that of WordPress, I haven't been able to upload images, visit My Old Blog With The Pictures Uploaded There. All these pictures are courtesy of Journalist Hussam El-Hamalawy. My sincere thanks go to him for allowing me to use his material.


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