Egyptian Police Sexually Abuses Pro-Democracy Detainees

Ahmed El-Sharqawi and Karim El Sha’er, two recently released activists with Youth for Change, have been abducted and detained from Abdel Khaleq Tharwat Street in downtown Cairo by plain clothes security agents.

The two were taken to Qasr El-Nil Police Station after their arrest. Inside the station, security agents took turns torturing the two young activists by severely beating them. Those agents then abused Sharqawi by inserting an object up his anus.

The two have been referred to the State Security Prosecutor’s office in Heliopolis (a Cairo neighbourhood). Their lawyer has managed to see them. The last thing known is that the two detainees refused to be interrogated, demanding medical examination by forensic authorities to document their injuries and the abuses carried out against them.

The two detainees have submitted official requests to that effect but that cannot happen before saturday (probably since Friday is the one unified official holiday in Egypt). Sharqawi and Sha’er also asked to be examined by a doctor, who was present, but their request was refused by the Prosecutor who also refused to have them transferred to a hospital.

Picture of Sharqawi (on the 25th) protesting for the release of the detainees.


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