How Personal is Personal?

Recently had a little chat about blogging with a better-known Blogger who resides in Egypt. I initiated the conversation by asking: how do you know what to post on your blog?

We discussed this for a bit and I complained that I did not want this blog to be a personal blog. He asked me why I didn’t and I responded by saying that there were too many people who might read this blog and read things I just didn’t want them to read.

He smiled and told me that he reads forsoothsayer’s blog and that it was quite entertaining… even though it’s a personal blog (implying, I believe, that having one wasn’t such a bad thing). I remember squinting for a second and then informing him that “I know ******* and I can’t write the way she does.” I then shrugged.

Later, I remembered when I first started a blog in May 2004. It was of a definitely more intimate nature than this one (not Forsoothsayer intimate though… I didn’t have the guts then), but I found it satisfying. I remember thinking: who the fuck would want to read this shit?

Now, I realize that blog content, a bit after starting out, is not as important as either 1. How you write your blog and 2. The satisfaction of someone else’s need of finding an ideological or emotional ally.

Having said that, I think The Forsoothsayer’s content kicks ass. Gamda ya Forsooth, mostly for having the guts to write about what I can’t!


3 thoughts on “How Personal is Personal?

  1. 🙂 believe me, even i censor! you want the guts to write about your bowel movements? go ahead…it’s no biggie…
    but thanks a lot – i mostly write my blog cos i was encouraged to do so by a friend who insisted that i was funny. i like to think that making people laugh is important.

    but hey, u can have two blogs…one can be totally anonymous if u want to get ur personal stuff out.

  2. I’m debating in my head these days whether to quit or continue blogging. The good thing about blogging is that its very therapeutic and as you put it very well, satisfying to find ideological or emotional allies.

    The bad thing is it’s so addictive. I just don’t have the the time that blogging seems to steal. Whether at work, “I’ll just read this post before I start.. or at home.. I’ll just write this post before doing that…”.

    On content, just spill your guts… there’s a satisfaction that comes out of it that is unexplainable… or start an anonymous one like Forsooth said… but beware the addiction.

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