It’s not exactly a problem of Dirty Laundry

I haven’t commented at all on the current situation in the Middle East; the Israeli “invasion” of Gaza or Southern Lebanon. It’s because I feel that I don’t have anything new or original to add to the discussion. That and the fact that I try not to use my blog as a medium where I criticize other bloggers’ views.

I did find a debate, or discussion if you will, which I feel strongly enough towards that the urge to write something would not dissipate however much I willed it to. I am, of course, talking about the criticism of Hezbollah, by Arabs, in the past three weeks or so.

First of all, let me (for the umpteenth time) clearly say that I am staunchly anti-islamist when it comes to politics. Basically the day will not come that I would support an Islamic government over a secular one… no matter what.

Having said I wish to make it clear that I am 100% behind Hezbollah in the current endeavour. This stems from many reasons, of which I will list the most important to me:

  1. Israel’s “IDF” cast the first stone by occupying Lebanon in 1982 and their continued occupation of the Shebaa Farms.
  2. Israel began to indiscriminantly attack civilians with such claims as: they aid Hezbollah fighters, they are hiding weapons and ammunitions for Hezbollah etc.
  3. I do not accept the argument that Hezbollah attacked Israeli civilians first because as an off-shoot of Amal, Hezbollah was formed during the Lebanese civil war and only clashed with Israel, in any way, form and manner, after the 1982 invasion of Lebanon by Israeli Forces.
  4. Hezbollah is not a terrorist organization (I would not support them if they were). This is because they carry their arms openly, they have a Leader who gives orders to subordinates in a clear chain of command, they have an emblem which is known and is carried into battle when they do battle and finally they wear uniforms and have ranks. Not only that, they conduct parades and shows where their armed forces marshes with weapons and all that… in full public view. Read more here & here (read article 44, paragraph 3).
  5. If Israel wants its two soldiers back it should negotiate. If it doesn’t want to negotiate then fuck ’em.
  6. Hezbollah is the only movement in the Arab World, and I don’t care who supports them or for what reason, that is organized enough that it forced Israel to leave Lebanon and ACTS when it says it wants to act.
  7. Though I deplore the idea that civilian casualities have occurred and that people claim that Hezbollah’s initiation by”kidnapping” the two Israeli soldier was the intial spark behind the ordeal of the Lebanese people, keep in mind that if Israel wants to, they could NOT fire their bombs and missiles. They consciously choose to use them. So you think they do that because they want to destroy alleged Hezbollah bases and homes etc. Aha. Sure. Right. They’ve tried that hundreds of times. IT DOESN’T WORK!!! It’s not like they love Hezbollah. If they knew where the god-damned bases and houses all were, they would not have hesitated to attack. They didn’t hesitate in 1986 to go cross country and destroy a god-damned nuclear station in Iraq, did they? It’s not like they hesitated to bomb Qana in 1996, did they? The only reason Israel is bombing the shit out of Lebanese civilians is to increase internal pressure against Hezbollah and punish the Lebanese people as a whole so that the only bastion of resistance remaining against the fuckers would be removed from inside.
  8. I don’t think Israel has the right to “live in peace amongst its neighbours” or any and all of this bullshit. I have no great love for Palestinians, but Israeli armed forces have been fucking a whole people for over fifty years through murder, destruction and pillaging. Peace my ass.
  9. Israel does not respect International Agreements. Then Egypt’s stupid President (and his Foreign Ministry’s) position is that we must respect International agreements if we expect Israel to do the same. Fuck that bullshit! We’ve had no choice but to do that for years and they still haven’t respected jack shit. It’s their turn to stay the fuck out of another country’s soverign soil, airspace and territorial waters.

Basically, these are the main reasons. I have no less then 6 more… but I really don’t think I needed to mention anything over any three of the aforementioned ones.

I don’t have any solutions though. Sadly. I can’t tell the Lebanese people what to feel or say; I don’t live there right now. I’m not Lebanese. But, so is every other non-Lebanese in the Arab World.

What I tell those others is this: why don’t you keep your god-damned mouth shut if you aren’t going to support Hezbollah. If you don’t like them, now is not the time (under ANY POSSIBLE CIRCUMSTANCES) to adopt the point of view of a country like Israel or the United States.

And that’s the way I see it.


3 thoughts on “It’s not exactly a problem of Dirty Laundry

  1. Good to know.

    Now, I just hope other people come to their senses. You know, having peace is a good thing. Marvelous and amazing as a matter of fact.

    But, I’ll be damned if this is the kind of peace people are looking for.

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