To be sure, this is interesting

I don’t know the history of this author nor do I have any information regarding her knowledge of Egyptian politics or anything of the matter (possibly because I’m at work and don’t have the time to research).

Her article is interesting never-the-less.

I find myself in agreement with many of the points she makes.


3 thoughts on “To be sure, this is interesting

  1. So I tried to read the article, only to discover it’s in archives now. Not available online anymore. I got hooked on the intro though. I definitely would want to read whatever someone thinks could make Egyptians protest.
    You don’t have an offline copy of it, do you?
    If you do I’d really appreciate it if you e-mail it to me,

  2. My apologies… I did not know they archived their articles in such a manner. I’m afraid I do not know have a copy of the article…

    On another note, I thought your response on Ahmed Salib’s Blog very well-written. Sadly though, I don’t have the patience to respond in the cool-headed manner you did.

    Kudos to you!

  3. faisal,blacklander, thanks for the posting/comment. FYI I’m an american ex-pat living in cairo the better part of these last 20 years. my articles often get posted after they go ‘pay-for’ on If there’s something you can’t find there that you’d like to see, I’d be happy to send it. The activism article is there for sure in the arabist’s archives.

    salaams from downtown cairo

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