If I was in charge…

Disclaimer: Proposed, sometimes detailed, solutions to Egypt’s problems coming your way.

“Were I President of the Arab Republic of Egypt, things would be very different.”

It makes me smile; the number of times I have heard the previous statement… both from myself and others. And so, in the spirit of wasting my time and working on something that will never come to life, I decided to work on a series of posts entitled “If I was in Charge…”.

These posts will obviously not be comprehensive, complete or absolute in terms of content. Your comments and points of views are probably more important than the posts themselves… the longer, the better. The more comprehensive and detailed the criticism, addition, subtraction or what have you… the more I benefit from this.

I suppose that’s why I’m doing this. To find out what others (people who aren’t friends or people that I’ve discussed this with before) think.

This was just a Head’s Up. Stay Tuned.

P.S. Even Neo-Cons (#@^%&^%#) are welcome to comment.


Received an interesting suggestion from Tomanbay concerning how I could go about doing this. It would require others participate as well. If anyone is interested in his idea (which I like) of the whole thing, email me at: snefru.m (AT) gmail (DOT) com.

P.P.S. Sometimes I wish wordpress allowed me to use colored fonts. Like really, really wish they did.


3 thoughts on “If I was in charge…

  1. Hey S.O.I. Director Faisal,

    I like ur posts alot and i’m lookin’ forword 2 read ur next post about u sitting on the presidential chair 😀

    Reda : The most invisible male in S.O.I.

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