Everyone should do this

A couple of days, or was it weeks ago, I came across someone else’s blog and they were discussing what their stat counter or blog counter informed them about the search keywords that obtained their blog in the results.

Sadly, I don’t remember the exact terms, but I do remember laughing myself to tears as i read through some of them.

Apparently, my blog is no different. WordPress offers Blogstats automatically with its blogs. Check this out:

Search Engine Terms

These are terms people used to find your blog.


Search Views
job interview egypt 1
girl with hijab picture 1


Search Views
how many times quran talked about egypt 1
who started the lebanon thing 1
dirty laundry israel 1
fucking egyptian 1
egyptian arabic “excuse me” 1

This is weird to me for two main reasons and one… er, not so main reason:

  1. I know I swear, but what’s up with people using words like “fuck” and “fucking” and getting my blog in their search results? And what’s with the Hijab thing. I have like, one or two, maybe three posts where I discuss this. FYI this is apparently the keyword which gets me the most hits from search engines (according to wordpress).
  2. It’s uncanny how some people use search phrases or clauses that match, almost to the letter, the title of some of your posts. Maybe they were searching for it in particular? (I’m not inclined to think so. If they can remember the title name, they sure as hell should be able to remember the address of the Blog).
  3. (Not so main reason) I really want to know who wrote: “who started the lebanon thing”. I find it funny in an interesting sort of way that people directly query Search Engines: Who won the NBA playoffs in 1967? What was the name of the man that went into space first? Where the fuck is my phone? etc

Honestly though? These are the least weird search terms people used to “find my blog”.



3 thoughts on “Everyone should do this

  1. بروناى
    خلعت البكيني
    عايز اتعرف على شراميط القاهرة
    fuck station
    رادود امريكي
    ولاد ميتين الكلب
    حمد الله على السلامه اللي جاي من السفر

    just a sample of the most recent google searches that lead to manalaa.net, most searches lead to the aggregator tab3an.

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