This weird thought…

… keeps crossing my mind every now and then; setting up one of those Multi-Contributer Blogs which cater to a variety of topics and interests. In fact, I tried it once and attempted to contact people (who initially showed great enthusiasm) and ask them to contribute.

After the initial enthusiasm, things died out. Which was expected. Shamefully, only one post was published (and it wasn’t even mine!). When I think about it though, I think of the difficulties involved in setting something like this up. Or the lack of, at the same time.

A group of people who know each other well, are interested in blogging and generally agree on a good number of issues are more likely to set up something successful in that regard. Meanwhile, I suppose most of the others would start as individual or two-person endeavours and then expanding to include other bloggers (who would probably be known to the first individual or two through cyber-reputation, I guess).

Would people have to agree to set up something along the afore-mentioned lines and still ahve it be successful? I’m not sure about the answer to this one. Then there’s the language barrier. I, for example, can’t type worth sh*t in Arabic. Not to mention the fact that my written Arabic undergoes revival once every 5 years or so and I’m not at the beginning of that cycle. I can thus read Arabic language blogs, but I don’t know if Arabic language bloggers would a) read mine b) be interested in joining up with English language bloggers for something along those lines and c) be interested in working together for a two-language blog thingy.


Most of the bloggers I know personally a) (Obviously) have their own blog and b) are too busy for me to even think about asking them. Then there’s the issue of topics. Would it be Miscellaneous? Political? Socio-Economic? How about sports? Would be news-like? Or more informal? Will it have a message or is everyone free to express their opinions? No rights and wrongs, of course, but so many variables which people should agree on, if this endeavour is to be successful.

I guess I’m just going to lie dormant for the time being.


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