New WordPress releases

So the people over at WordPress have two new releases:

WordPress MU is an official branch of WordPress that is designed for managing and hosting thousands of blogs instead of just one.


bbPress is forum software with the WordPress touch, and developed by the same folks. It has some pretty cool features, such as tagging, RSS feeds, Akismet spam protection, AJAX interaction, but the team focused the most on creating something fast and light.

Here is the WordPress Development Blog with more information on the issue as well as the links for downloading the software for both releases.



Development in Egypt

So I was searching The Daily Star‘s (Egypt) website for some trivial tid-bit when I came across this article in the Opinions & Editorials Section.

The author’s name caught my eye for some reason I didn’t comprehend. After a bit (20 minutes) of racking my memory, I thought that she might have been someone I mentioned before on “The way I see it”.

Searching through my archives (relatively painless because of their limited size), I found the post where I had referred to her before. Another Daily Star article. Except that it was Daily Star Lebanon.

Concise and succinct, this article should shed some light on a phenomenon that has been under discussion for a couple of years now.

Egypt: De-centralization par excellence!

So I discovered lately that I was gravely mistaken in accusing, or even thinking that, the Government of Egypt follows traditional centralization techniques when it comes to power, as per the unwritten laws of authoritarian governments.


Hossam El-Hamalawy discusses the issue of Egyptian Security Forces apprehending, incarcerating and torturing leftist activists of El-Arish (Capital of the governorate of Northern Sinai).

3arabawy Links:

The Story of the Arrests

EOHR comments

More citizens tortured

I’m amazed at how security forces in this country find new ways to inflict pain upon the general population whilst spending truckloads of money on maintaining their army of security personnel (who far exceed the number of Egyptians in the Army – conscripts included) and yet are completely unable to provide adequate services to the public… in any and every way.

I found the whole thing quite peculiar; there are enough activists; leftists, rightists and anything-ists in Cairo to keep all Egyptian security gleefully occupied for months… at the very least. It’s almost like some SOB from some Security agency got transfered to Sinai and wanted to feel at home.

Or maybe Sinai security felt left out? OR they could be, like, trying to please someone. Is it promotion time for them?

Kudos to you Hossam for covering this.

My Favourite Things

I was tagged by Isabelle of istas to list my 15 favourite things, or so I understood. I don’t usually do tags… but what the hell.

And thus… here they are:

  1. Kissing.
  2. My girl-friend (She might be reading this!)
  3. A good Sci-Fi/Fantasy Novel (AKA The Dune Series).
  4. History books… and books about the Military. (So that’s 2 in 1, er…)
  5. My mother’s chicken with white mushroom sauce.
  6. Playing real-time online MUDs.
  7. Playing multi-player Computer Games.
  8. Watching People (Yes. I’m freaky that way.)
  9. Taking Pictures (or capturing video – both work for me).
  10. Listening to music I like.
  11. Winning a bet/argument.
  12. Driving, in winter, in the afternoon.
  13. Engaging in discussion about different political & socio-economic ideologies.
  14. Air Conditioning
  15. Cool Mineral Water.

That’s about it then.

I discovered that Tarek over at Green Data actually responded to this earlier than I had and had also tagged me… so I can’t tag him back. Well then, er, I’ll “tag”  anyone that feels like, er, being tagged. By this tag thingy.

So feel free to start the Tag within your circle of friends/acquaintances. I imagine someone had to, at some point, start this one.