My Favourite Things

I was tagged by Isabelle of istas to list my 15 favourite things, or so I understood. I don’t usually do tags… but what the hell.

And thus… here they are:

  1. Kissing.
  2. My girl-friend (She might be reading this!)
  3. A good Sci-Fi/Fantasy Novel (AKA The Dune Series).
  4. History books… and books about the Military. (So that’s 2 in 1, er…)
  5. My mother’s chicken with white mushroom sauce.
  6. Playing real-time online MUDs.
  7. Playing multi-player Computer Games.
  8. Watching People (Yes. I’m freaky that way.)
  9. Taking Pictures (or capturing video – both work for me).
  10. Listening to music I like.
  11. Winning a bet/argument.
  12. Driving, in winter, in the afternoon.
  13. Engaging in discussion about different political & socio-economic ideologies.
  14. Air Conditioning
  15. Cool Mineral Water.

That’s about it then.

I discovered that Tarek over at Green Data actually responded to this earlier than I had and had also tagged me… so I can’t tag him back. Well then, er, I’ll “tag”  anyone that feels like, er, being tagged. By this tag thingy.

So feel free to start the Tag within your circle of friends/acquaintances. I imagine someone had to, at some point, start this one.


5 thoughts on “My Favourite Things

  1. Not a bad list yourself, sir.

    I hear you about not wanting to post personal stuff. Thing is, I decided that I needed a place to be completely honest, regardless of the consequences…and there have been consequences. My advice? Keep an anonymous blog and treat that as a journal. And don’t tell anyone about it.

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