Egypt: De-centralization par excellence!

So I discovered lately that I was gravely mistaken in accusing, or even thinking that, the Government of Egypt follows traditional centralization techniques when it comes to power, as per the unwritten laws of authoritarian governments.


Hossam El-Hamalawy discusses the issue of Egyptian Security Forces apprehending, incarcerating and torturing leftist activists of El-Arish (Capital of the governorate of Northern Sinai).

3arabawy Links:

The Story of the Arrests

EOHR comments

More citizens tortured

I’m amazed at how security forces in this country find new ways to inflict pain upon the general population whilst spending truckloads of money on maintaining their army of security personnel (who far exceed the number of Egyptians in the Army – conscripts included) and yet are completely unable to provide adequate services to the public… in any and every way.

I found the whole thing quite peculiar; there are enough activists; leftists, rightists and anything-ists in Cairo to keep all Egyptian security gleefully occupied for months… at the very least. It’s almost like some SOB from some Security agency got transfered to Sinai and wanted to feel at home.

Or maybe Sinai security felt left out? OR they could be, like, trying to please someone. Is it promotion time for them?

Kudos to you Hossam for covering this.


6 thoughts on “Egypt: De-centralization par excellence!

  1. Hi Faisal, first time comment. I just read your interview at Rania el Malki’s where, to my surprise, I hear you call me “a neocon”.

    You say: “The very neo-conservative ideas they preach laced with notions that America is the model and needs to save us from the big bad government, do not sit well with me.”

    Seriously, where did you ever get this idea from me? If you disagree with my posts, you are welcome to express your own ideas in my blog and debate them. I would actually ask you to do this as I would like to hear people’s ideas about what I write. If you are all silent about it, and sulk and diss me in private (which is non-constructive and, frankly, juvenile), how do you expect me to know what you are thinking? I’m not psychic you know, and if you would like to change my ideas then here is a great suggestion: talk to me. You are invited to post your thoughts in my blog, and you just gave me a reason to post a space especially for this, which is something I’ve been wanting to put up there for a while. Last word: I don’t bite. (Although I did unintentionally bite at you once on the topic of Aljazeera. And I hope that is not the reason for what you said here.)

    Seriously, when you put such demagogic and, by definition, thuggish, labels on people – without even bothering to debate them – you are working against everything you claim to support in democracy and freedom of speech in Egypt. Anyway, I still don’t mean by this heated response to take this matter personally, but given what you call me in your interview, you can understand. Hoping to hear from you soon in my blog.

  2. First of all, thank you for your comment.

    As for the substance of it… well, let me respond to a couple of things you said.

    1. I am only “silent about it, and sulk and diss” you in private because I did not do it on your own Blog. I didn’t do it in private and in all honesty, I don’t believe I am obliged to respond to things on other blogs. If you think it’s juvenile… so be it.

    2. As for wanting to change your mind or convince you of my ideas… weeeeell, I’ve always sincerely doubted that I can use a blog as a medium for that. So I don’t. I just talk about what irks me… or what I like. I don’t feel the need to change your mind Khales!

    3. As for where I got the ideas… it was through reading your posts. The proper thing to do now would be to go through them again and pick out examples of why I said what I did. I’m going to have to be honest though… ma3andeesh wa2t. I have no time to post anything on my own blog… just check comments or write something if by some miraculous reason I find myself free AND near a computer. I suppose until I do that though, I am merely making allegations.

    As for debating them… well, I suppose you have a point there… in theory. Bas in all honesty, it is a bit of an exaggeration saying that because I did not debate something using this medium that I am “working against everything you claim to support in democracy and freedom of speech in Egypt”. And on that note, most of you might note that I almost never speak of democracy… not so with freedom of speech.

    To all the people who would wish to pounce on that statement, let me explain that I don’t mean I don’t believe in it. It’s just too deep of a topic to discuss in depth without spending countless hours (by saying that I do not mean to imply that they will be useless countless hours) debating and discussing.

    Let me just explain, Seneferu (and most of those who know me can confirm this), I’m extremely talkative and highly prone to discuss almost any issue in general.


    Thanks again.

  3. Actually I am. When I said allegations that was just me trying to pacify you and saying: Since you asked for proof, I PERSONALLY believe that I should give it to you but, ALAS, I do not have the time to do it and thus my remarks could be considered allegations.

    Fag2a, la2aitak betnot 3al kelma and giving me this “unsupported allegations” BS.

    Well thanks, but no thanks.

    What I mentioned is my personal opinion. You can’t say I’m slandering you for calling you a neo-con. It is a descriptive adjective NOT of the “he’s an idiot” or “he’s a thief” variety.


    So it isn’t libel.

    Finally, if you want to continue this “correspondence” my email is snefru.m AT .

    I don’t like to virtually inflate a post’s comments sections through something… non-constructive like this. And we aren’t even commenting on the substance of the post itself.

    We ya 3am law mesh 3agbak IGNORE ME. Bas matgeleesh 3al Blog beta3tee we tedeenee el bo2ain doal. Thank you. I am, at the moment, not in need of your counsel.

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