Ahmed Sabry

A friend of mine, Yasmine Adel, wrote this and I thought it was definitely worth publishing:

My hand didn’t touch his as I handed him the money.

He thanked me and turned around.

He didn’t notice that I saw him do it.

Saw him kissing the money before putting it into the pocket of his waiter’s shirt

He thanked the Lord for 50 peanut pounds.

Those 50 pounds were worth two very long days of work.

He had to serve sandwiches and coffee twice, once at 11am and then at 1 pm.

He stood in that dull meeting room next to the coffee table from 9 am to 4 pm for two days waiting to be a waiter and serve tea to important men and women wearing suits and speaking in English. Some were blonde and looked funny. Still he felt proud that the UN always calls him for catering and serving.

Their faces seem so serious in meetings as they talk about money, global funds, and internal politics.

People who talk about millions of dollars given away from pamphlets to be translated to Arabic about poverty in the world.

Ahmed Sabry from the Marriott Bakery…you broke my heart today…and made me hate what I do even more. Your job is more noble than mine, simply because it doesn’t have the pretence of world salvation!

Yasmine Adel


6 thoughts on “Ahmed Sabry

  1. That was actually quite powerful. It reminded me of when there was the big UN conference in South Africa to fight poverty and they ended up spending millions and millions of dollars on caviar. Makes you wonder. Hey Snefru, can I use that in an upcoming piece about foreign aid? Let me know and you know who this is. peace, Salty

  2. i’m really really confused about the double blogs…

    bas ya yasmine i really liked what you wrote, its so simple and got to me… i’m glad u spell ur name the way i do with the ‘e’ in the end

  3. Yes.

    This is my normal wordpress blog.

    http://snefru.thetobril.com/ is my own web address on which I am trying to put up “The Way I see it”.

    The thing is, Im not versed in CSS and im learning about it, real slow like. I have ideas I want to put it in BUT, I also require some help in design and so on and so forth… seeing that I do not know anyone who can help me… the other blog remains a test blog, albeit one which is an exact replica of this one.

    Sorry bout the confusion!

    Just choose one of them and comment on it if you wish 😀

  4. Firstly, CSS is simple and you don’t have to write things from scratch usually.

    Secondly, I liked that piece by Yasmine, but there’s something implicitly sad about it, that somehow the world is beyond help. While people get together to listen to concerts that seem to fight poverty, people are still dying, but not even those caviar eating men with suits can help.

    In any case, helping the world isn’t so noble, it’s just a matter of you putting yourself in someone else’s shoes and helping yourself.

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