Wednesday: Day of Reckoning

Another personal post, my second in a row in fact.

On Wednesday the project I work for officially closes down and on Thursday I am officially out of a job.

Maybe this will mean more time for blogging? At least until I get another job.



I’ve been tagged by N to list “five things you don’t know about me”. I will suppose the you here means my blog readers. Alrighty then. Here goes:

  1. Even though this is a pseudo-political blog, I would much rather discuss AD&D and Fantasy/Sci-Fi than politics.
  2. I am very easily deceived (Batbe3et keteer!).
  3. I always give people the benefit of the doubt the first time around.
  4. I dream, while asleep, of using magic and things of a similar nature almost every night.
  5. My friends have successfully convinced everyone that my taste in music and movies is appalling. Having said that, those that do “take my word for it” when I recommend a movie usually wish to speak to me afterwards with some sort of weapon.

Simple enough, I think.

Now for the TAGGING. I tag: El Sh2ee2a, Tarek, Amnesiac, Izzi and Tololy.