This Blog

[This post has been edited to reflect matters as they are in August of 2017.]

Some of the readers of this blog already know that my blog is at my own domain name at [Now defunct.]

My podcast is at and (it’s completely in Arabic though). [Both still active. No new podcasts since 2011.]

The thing is, because WordPress isn’t Blogger, I haven’t been able to figure out a way to redirect visitors from here to there and thus what I do used to do is double post on both blogs which are similar in every-way except design and comments. [Not really an issue anymore.]

I have now moved completely over to Faisal’s Tobril or “The way I see it”. [The site is now defunct.]

Please note that many blogs that I’ve linked to here have changed location. You can still find them by searching the internet – and I strongly recommend you do so. [Removed all links]

[Last updated in August 2017. Previously updated in June 2011. First posted in May 2007.]


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