When people get things wrong

There are times when people use the exact wrong words to express themselves. An example of this is this post by Egyptian-Australian blogger Neferteeti.

So the Egyptian government, or administrative court according to an article she cited in her post, passed another decision which reflects the general religious intolerance of the government towards non-Muslims. Why then would Neferteeti blame Islam, as a religion, for this?

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One thought on “When people get things wrong

  1. Well, generally people tend to blame Islam for lots of stuff these days! Maybe its in style or something. It gets on my nerves a bit, but I know the day will come when everything will be as CLEAR as daylight, sadly.. don’t think I’ll be still alive to witness it. I hate people who select important topics to discuss when they’re incapable of putting a correct sentence together. Thats why I’d always be very selective who I’d talk politics, religion or history with! Anyway, I should learn not to blog on other people’s blogs.. this is too long for a comment!

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