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More on the author

Since I find it peculiar writing in the third person like all these authors at the back of their books:

“John lives with his wife Mandy, his dog Bella and his three Kids in Nashville, Kentucky”

or some other place… I will proceed in the first person:

I have a B.A. in Political Science (Political Economy concentration) and a minor in Economics. I didn’t graduate with the best of grades and it took me longer than the four years to do so. I know my Political Economy though. I did that in a year and a half.

I read a lot, waste time doing nothing a lot, I play Role-Playing Games a lot (online and otherwise) but this -sadly- has been in decline for the past couple of years. I have found a job in the field of development, which is what I’d wanted since graduating, but it’s quite a handful in terms of workload.

I’m interested in Politics, as everyone should be. More to the point, I want to know How and Why. I believe this is why I get this weird urge to have a Blog.

On that note, I feel obliged to inform this blog’s readers that this blog most definitely represents my personal views on politics (unless otherwise indicated). I have been called a “liberal” and a “leftist”, along with quite a number of others, by the readers and people at LGF and other conservative-rightist (read: Neo-Cons) bloggers.

Just thought you should know in case, you know, you’re allergic or something.

If you have a weird desire to contact me, you can do so at: snefru.m (AT) gmail.com or snefru (AT) thetobril.com.


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